The educational search engine for personalized learning.


What if becoming a genius required nothing more than finding the right explanations at the right time?

To keep up with global challenges, our society needs bright minds with interdisciplinary knowledge.

We believe that our society loses a lot of Curies and Einsteins because every student is forced into frontal teaching formats, not valuing their uniqueness and personal interests. We also believe that we have everything we need to build an exciting educational system that creates skilled and curious professionals instead of standardized workers.


The amount of online learning materials is increasing every day and their quality is improving. Existing search engines do not optimize for learning success and do not provide guidance on how to best understand certain resources like videos, research papers or blog articles.

We need a specialized search engine that accompanies learners in their personal learning process and inspires them to apply their acquired knowledge in practice.


KraphX is an educational search engine to help learners find the right explanations at the right time with an algorithm that returns expert-created, community-optimized and personalized learning paths instead of an ad-biased list of websites.

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